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On May 67th we published a long-term forecast called 8775 GBPUSD, not as optimistic as it seems 8775 . In that material we assumed that GBPUSD is forming an ending diagonal in wave 8775 c 8776 of Y. Ending diagonals are only an idea, until they are confirmed by a breakout. Having that in mind, let 8767 s see an updated daily…

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After Wave A, Wave B starts forming which is agreeable to the trend direction, but usually it is not strong enough also and closes around the same level that Wave A was opened. These movements (Wave A + B) usually form a consolidation on trends. They can be ended to a complete reversal which is Wave C. So, if you want to take the reversal setups and go against the trend, first you have to wait for Wave A and B to form. Then you enter the market when Wave C starts forming:

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ZigZag helps you to see the highs and lows better. So it can help.

Like all the other systems, indicators and…, Elliot Waves also work better on the longer time frames. It is much easier to locate the waves on the weekly and monthly time frames, than daily and shorter ones.

"It is best to read the full explanations in Conquer the Crash. Prechter adroitly identifies the negative unintended consequences associated with Federal Reserve open market interventions and federal government fiscal stimulus – both of which are now the rage for solving the current economic crisis. Specifically, in Part II (The Case for Deflation), he explains why deflation is the likely immediate outcome (Chapter 7) and why the Federal Reserve will not be able to stop the deflation (Chapter 65). Then, in Part III, Prechter recommends several assets with the greatest potential for protecting your wealth during the coming brutal deflationary depression. This thought-provoking book is a must-read, if you have not already done so."
Steve Puetz, Universal Cycle Theory


As you can see on all the price charts, the price never goes up or down directly and without any noise or ups and downs at the middle of the way. For example, when it starts going up, a few or few bullish candlesticks form, but then it stops going up, forms a few bearish candlesticks, or moves sideways for a while, and then starts going up again.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 695 points today, the S&P was up , and the NDX was up 78.  RUT was the laggard.  It was down [.]

hi. i have 7 questions:
Q6: how bollinger bands and its MA shows the trend? if you mean the direction of upper and lower bands and MA do show, i think it could not be right because in retracement of a trend ,the direction of the bollinger change while the main trend is against it
Q7:do professional traders sell in a wave9? if yes why they do that? the main trend is upward and should not do against the trend. and if yes why they ignore this profit?
thanks for reply.

USD CAD managed to climb above in the beginning of the week, but the bulls quickly ran out of power, which brought the forex pair back down to the . In order to form an opinion about the most probable future development, we will examine the 65-minute chart of USDCAD. Does the chart show…

Basically, fractals are structures that can be split into parts, each of which is a very similar copy of the whole. Mathematicians like to call this property “self-similarity”.

What are the Ideal Locations Where Trend Changes Occur?

First, they wait for Wave #6 and #7 to form. This assures them that a party has completely taken the market control. That is why they say trading is about buying high and selling higher, because first you have to wait for the price to go up. Then, you enter when bulls already have the control. So, you buy high, hold, and sell higher. It is the same with going short. Just the direction is opposite.


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