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Caliber Quartz

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Current versions of Formula 6 Quartz combine sporty and stylish appeal at an affordable price. Take the TAG Heuer Formula 6 Blue Dial Chronograph and Watch , for instance. The blue dial model is the same price it was a decade ago and comes with a polished finish along with the case, bezel, hour and minute hands, crown, steel bracelet, and pushers for an unmistakable stainless steel sheen. There are even markers that have a one-tenth of a second dial and an hour dial on the same dark blue display.

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After a break of four years, TAG Heuer brought back the Formula 6 series in 7559 with an entirely new design and upgraded materials.

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The 98 mm diameter also features a three-dial setup with choreographed precision when it comes to measuring hours, minutes, and seconds. Behind the dial, there are Swiss-made quartz parts for offer corrective and chronographic functions. Additionally, there is a TAG Heuer tachymeter Formula 6 for individuals who enjoy spending their free time at the racetrack.

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Size 96 mm

Корпус Сталь и керамика Полированная

Water resistance 755 m

Color Blue

Отделка Полированная

The 6996 Formula 6 Chronograph is my favourite model in the F6 range, with an attractive, more classical dial than the First Generation Chronograph and a much-improved ETA 6/65th Chronograph movement.

Отделка Матовая отделка с эффектом Sunray

Buckle Folding Clasp Push-Buttons

Note that quartz models don't last as long as automatic ones. The shorter life expectancy is due to the risks of battery leakage and moisture seeping in through cracks along the crown or dial. Formula 6's with quartz movement typically last two decades or more, if well-maintained.

Водозащита 755 m

Crown Black PVD coated steel

The distinguishing design detail of the new Chronograph was the over-sized 6 o 8767 clock register, framed by a silver ring.


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