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Never dissect underneath the proximal aorta if the left renal vein has not been visualized anteriorly. In at least 65% of cases, the left renal vein runs posterior to the aorta and can easily be damaged by a retrograde clamp. If this ever happens, the bleeding can be torrential and difficult to control.

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If the external iliac artery is occluded, however, an end-to-end configuration may create a better lie of the bypass. A longitudinal arteriotomy is created to some component of the femoral arterial system, depending on the quality of the inflow and outflow artery. The graft is spatulated accordingly. The inflow anastomosis is typically to the common femoral artery. If significant disease of the superficial femoral artery exists in the outflow femoral system, the anastomosis may have to be performed in such a manner as to incorporate the deep femoral artery.


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