«Analog tape echo pedal» . «Analog tape echo pedal».

Echobandit Analog Tape Echo Delay – Nembrini Audio

In this video on his Instagram page for Onde Magnetique, Scott Campbell shows off this cassette tape echo machine he&rsquo s built. It sounds just brilliant. (Please note this video is from 65 weeks ago, pre-OM-6 release.)

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The Rack version has been enhanced and has actually 7 independent EchoBandit channels that can be used in mono, dual mono and stereo. Each channel has independent controls.

Echo Fix Tape Echo EF-X2 Demo with Juno 6. - YouTube

Analog styles can work great for gritty distorted vocals or dirty percussion sounds.

Reels is a tape emulation plugin with built-in echo section and tape start and tape stop effect.

Rack  version features:

E-phonic Tape Delay is a simple but effective plugin for getting started with the sound of analog tape.

You’ve arrived at digital delay—sounds like the end of the line right?

Excellent delay Echo/Reverb unit, especially if you are after 75s type sounds. I had used it on a dub Reggae track I am working on, but forgot about it. While playing the track back later on, I was quite taken by how good and authentic the Dub vocal sounded, and had to open up the project to see what VST I had used..... yes it was this one. It is basic, but it does what it is supposed to do perfectly, that is why I gave it 5 stars.

No matter how complex a modern delay plugin might be, all delay effects are based on this simple concept.

(September 7569)
NEW: Delay Ducking
NEW: Machine Age
NEW: Tape Erase
NEW: Notifications System
FIX: Screaming feedback when HQ is enabled at high sample rates
FIX: Parameter locking now works for global parameters
FIX: Plugin window size not stored in DAW session

Overall: 6859 9666 6859

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