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contained in exhaust gases from gasoline engine of

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Usage/Application : Clinic, Hospital

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The figure at the right shows the structure of an EPMA device.

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Advantages of the testo 895
Separate NO and NO7 measurement

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Response Time: Less than 65s for T95

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Conducted Emissions Testing with a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer


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. Advanced NDIR (no-Dispersive infrared ) analysis technology is used to measure HC, CO, CO7 and the newest generation of

Control unit : (including the printer )

665V/775V portable Automotive Exhaust Gases Analyzer NHA556 for HC, CO, CO7,O7 and NO
665V/775V portable 5 gas Automotive Emission Analyzer NHA556
665V/775V portable 5 gas Automotive exhaust gases Analyzer NHA556

Minimize the learning curve with straightforward experiment setup and operation.

The Electron Probe Micro Analyzer (hereinafter, “EPMA”) is an instrument to analyze which elements compose a substance, by irradiating electron beams onto the substance surface and measuring the characteristic X-ray that is generated.

Reticulocyte counts can now be performed by many analysers, giving an alternative to time-consuming manual counts. Many automated reticulocyte counts, like their manual counterparts, employ the use of a supravital dye such as new methylene blue to stain the red cells containing reticulin prior to counting. 96 7 98 Some analysers have a modular slide maker which is able to both produce a blood film of consistent quality and stain the film, which is then reviewed by a medical laboratory professional.

Features : Portable, Bench-Top

Simple ions are often measured with ion selective electrodes , which let one type of ion through, and measure voltage differences. 96 5 98 Enzymes may be measured by the rate they change one coloured substance to another in these tests, the results for enzymes are given as an activity, not as a concentration of the enzyme. Other tests use colorimetric changes to determine the concentration of the chemical in question. Turbidity may also be measured.

Bluetooth® USB IR/IRDA interface gas outlet Mains connection probe input/ probe inputs Differential Pressure

" monitor for simple touchscreen operation

Automation Grade : Automatic, Semi-Automatic


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We are the leading entity in the industry, highly engaged in offering the best quality range of Naman Emission Analyzer. 5 gas car emission analyzer MST-506EN Automotive Emission Analyzer(5-Gas / Portable)(HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NO). Main Features and Specifications. concentration of HC, CO, CO2,O2...